WATCH: Rangers help free baby elephant from mud pool

WATCH: Rangers help free baby elephant from mud pool

In the video, it can be seen that the herd were distressed.

Elephant stuck in mud

Richard Gardiner shared a video on Youtube of an elephant calf that got stuck in the mud for a couple of hours in the park.

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The video, which has received more than half-a-million views on Youtube, also shows how the elephant was rescued by park rangers. At the start of the video, the herd is in distress when they fail to free the baby elephant from the mud pool. 

Before helping the baby elephant, the three park rangers can be seen first chasing the herd away. A few elephants did, however, attempt to return to the mud pool where the baby elephant was stuck‚ but the park rangers made sure they were kept at bay.

The video does not show how the elephant got stuck in the mud.

After numerous attempts trying to loosen the mud with shovels, the rangers managed to help the calf escape. 

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