WATCH: This teacher is what the youngsters call "lit"

WATCH: This teacher is what the youngsters call "lit"

A young teacher shows us her cool moves on TikTok and it certainly leaves us feeling excited about her teaching methods.

Teachers dancing in a classroom
Teachers dancing in a classroom/TikTok Screenshot/@tamsincarelse3

It is not very often that students can firmly, without any hesitation, say that they have a cool teacher. 

But nowadays more and more teachers have been influenced by social media and are more active about sharing their personalities on their own social media accounts. 

One such teacher certainly has the moves to prove her coolness - and she is what we think the youngsters would call 'lit'. 

You know, on fire...

Tamsin Carelse is a teacher and she shares some cool content on her TikTok page. 

One video that has really blown up on her page is her rendition of a dance challenge, in which she accompanies a fellow teacher in a well choreographed routine. 

The video has over 100,000 views and over 8,000 likes. 

We really love it when teachers can be themselves and share this side. There are limits, of course, but perhaps this is what helps students open up to their own creativity. 

It could potentially be the reason that kids feel like they can open up about things that they wouldn't feel comfortable talking about usually. 

Perhaps then being more expressive as a teacher helps your students mirror that in their own lives.

Long gone are those days where teachers are meant to be confined to a box. In fact, if anything, they are with our kids for the most of their lives, so they should be approachable. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@tamsincarelse3 Teachers gone WILD 😂😂 This trend is 🔥🔥🔥 Dc: @thequickstyle #dancechallenge #teachersoftiktok #tiktoksouthafrica🇿🇦 #fyp ♬ Kaala chasma samel gurung viral trending song - समेल गुरुङ्ग

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Image Credit: TikTok

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