What is South Africa's favourite takeout? You won't believe it!

What is South Africa's favourite takeout? You won't believe it!

Let's just say, we can completely understand why...

Fish and Chips
Fish and Chips /Unsplash Website

Takeout can be considered a blessing in disguise for many households. 

And as much as we are all counting pennies, one thing is for sure, everyone is entitled to a little treat now and then. 

We found a cool source that shared the global trends when it came to takeout. 

"British insurance comparison site MoneyBeach conducted a study in 100 countries, analysing Google search data for typical delivery products in 2020." (MSN)

Surprisingly, or maybe not so much for many, pizza turned out to be the winner, with 44 countries ordering this as takeout the most. 

Up in second was Chinese cuisine with 29, and 10 for sushi.

Now what we found most interesting was what South Africans order the most when it comes to takeaways. 

And the hearty and wholesome Fish and Chips won our hearts...

Even more surprising was that we shared this meal with Canada. 


Spain, El Salvador, France, and Morocco were some of the countries that ordered pizza the most, while Ghana, United States of America, and China all loved Chinese cuisine to be delivered...

We've always wanted to know, in China, surely Chinese food is simply called food? 

Image Courtesy of Unsplash Website

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