BEAUTIFUL: A story of transformation to self-love

BEAUTIFUL: A story of transformation to self-love

What a beautiful moment...

Woman with damaged natural hair
Woman with damaged natural hair/Instagram Screenshot/@yourpositivenews

Everyone talks about self love like it is something that is super easy to do. 

If you were not brought up with a strong foundation on what it means to love yourself holistically, then it can be challenging. 

It also doesn't help when the media and social media are telling us how we should view ourselves.

A video showing a woman in a salon with damaged natural hair is accompanied with the caption: "It's been over a decade since this beauty last wore her real hair." 

She has several bald spots and her hair looks really damaged. 

WATCH the video below of her transformation. 

Courtesy of Instagram


The way she broke down after seeing her transformation really was endearing. 

Sometimes seeing your true beauty through someone else's eyes, and with a fresh perspective, can start the process of loving thy self...

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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