Boy lives in a tent for 3 years and sets new Guinness World Record

Boy lives in a tent for 3 years and sets new Guinness World Record

Max Woosey said that it was the best three years of his life...

Photo of tent at near trees
Photo of tent at near trees/Pexels

If you have lost someone to cancer, then you know that it is anything but easy to heal from it all. 

Not only does it take time to heal from a loss, but death also takes a piece of you in the process. 

For this young boy, losing a close family member to cancer inspired him to do something different.

"Max Woosey, 13, has raised more than £750,000 for North Devon Hospice. Max's epic camp-out started when he was 10 following the death of family friend Rick Abbot in February 2020. Before my neighbour died of cancer, he gave me a tent and told me to 'have an adventure'," Max said. (BBC)

That's one epic way of celebrating his neighbour's life instead of being morbid over his death. 

Max was also motivated to give back to the North Devon Hospice after they cared so wonderfully for Mr Abbot. 

"Through storms, snow, hail, torrential rain and baking sun, Max has stuck it out in his tent. The worst night was when the tent collapsed," he said. "It was chucking it down with high winds, it was 12 o'clock at night and we couldn't find another tent to pitch up." (BBC)

He also affirms to the fact that children are more capable than what people think - the testament to that was the amount of attention he got. 


Not to mention the fact that he has set a Guinness World Record for the most money raised by camping for three years. 

WATCH the interview below, courtesy of YouTube.

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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