Brand South Africa's #PlayYourPart: Collen Chauke creates SA’s very own social network

Brand South Africa's #PlayYourPart: Collen Chauke creates SA’s very own social network is the first South African Social Network that enables users to chat, post comments, share photographs and links, and even stream live video.

Collin Chauke
Collin Chauke/ Provided

Social networking has taken the world by storm.

People all over the world can connect thanks to social media platforms.

In South Africa, many of the social media platforms we use are created by people from other countries. 

This gap or lack of local social networks encouraged Collin Chauke from Malamulele in Limpopo to produce his own social network, called

Maluleke started his entrepreneurial journey in 2013. He launched on the 10th of November 2019, and the platform has been well received by South Africans. 

The 38-year-old says he has always had a passion for communication.

"I always had a passion for communication through my students’ days and also community work," he says.

Chauke is a proud ambassador of BrandSA.

"Our product is the first in Africa and it’s a proudly South African product," he says. 

On how he got to work with BrandSA, he says, when he presented to them, they bought into the concept.

He says it is very important for people to support local brands "because it will assist in building our economy and it also uplift our Brand SA Concept."

Although is a successful brand, it wasn't easy to come up with. 

Chauke says "the biggest challenge is the support that you find in particular when you start something that people are not familiar with. But the biggest challenge is the transforming Ideas into the application that should work according to how you envisage it to be. Also resources to make sure the application work effectively is a serious challenge for us a small businesses."

The entrepreneur says what makes different from all the social media platforms is that "we will have more CSI than any other social media via our streamlining, also more informative Via Chatrooms portal where people will be able to access available jobs and careers. Also, my school portal where students will be able to access more information."

Chauke's advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in South Africa is to not give up. 

"My little advice is that young people with ideas they should not let that fed away, they should ensure that their ideas get implemented. This will assist in putting SA on the map," he concludes. 

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