Centenarian achieves goal of skydiving days before she passes

Centenarian achieves goal of skydiving days before she passes

This is a reminder to all of us that you are never too old to accomplish your goals. 

Dorothy Hoffner skydiving with instructor
Dorothy Hoffner skydiving with instructor/Facebook/@NadineVincent

We are constantly reminded to do what is important to us by our kids and the elderly. 

These two polar opposite age groups are actually quite similar to one another. They teach us to savour the moment and do what our hearts desire. 

One centenarian who really inspired us recently achieved a goal of hers days before she passed on. 

"Recordholder Chicago centenarian, Dorothy Hoffner died yesterday after she set the Guinness World Record for the oldest skydiver in history less than a week ago." (MSN)

Far too often we take our time here for granted. We concentrate our energies on things that serve us and then one day, before we know it, time gets the better of us and we find more reasons not to achieve our goals. 

Hoffner is a great example to how we should live our lives. 


"Hoffner's close friend Joe Conant told the Chicago Tribune that she died peacefully in her sleep and her death came unexpectedly. 'She was just indefatigable. She just kept going,' Conant said." (MSN)

Hoffner was known for her ability to inspire those around her and was said to be an upbeat person who barely napped or cancelled plans in the past decade. 

Even though it was said that her death was unexpected, we think that maybe after achieving her skydiving goal, she felt at peace with the life she lived. 

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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