Louis Vuitton sandwich bag retails for R57k

Louis Vuitton sandwich bag retails for R57k

A classic take on the humble brown paper lunch bag...

A male model holding leather Louis Vuitton lunch bag
A male model holding leather Louis Vuitton lunch bag/X/@SaltFlash

With fashion houses such as Louis Vuitton, you can always expect the unexpected. 

If one thing is certain in the fashion world, it's that statement pieces don't always make sense but have a story. 

Like any great item, the appeal comes from the individuality, the shock, and the surprise.

This time it was a fashion piece inspired by the humble brown paper sandwich bag. 

Check out this short snippet of what the bag looks like, courtesy of X

"Pharrell Williams, Louis Vuitton's men's creative director, introduces a high fashion accessory resembling a classic paper sandwich bag." (Instagram)

This bag, which is made of cowhide leather, mimics the appearance of the brown paper sandwich bag from way back when. The humble and iconic paper sandwich bag has long been known as a lunch bag for many in the US. 

The large bag is retailing at $3,000, which is R57,418.50. 


It's a statement piece, we can agree on that, and we love the tan colour with the blue fastening. 

"Released on January 4, the accessory pays homage to everyday items, following Louis Vuitton's past inspirations from checkered plastic laundry bags in 2007 and a paint can-shaped cross-body bag in 2022." (Instagram)

Image Courtesy of X

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