Who is the most Googled fashionista of 2023?

Who is the most Googled fashionista of 2023?

When it comes to Googling style icons, which queen reigns supreme?

Who is most Googled fashion/style queen
Beyoncé Official Instagram

It's typical to look to the rich and famous for fashion and style inspo, but some icons just command attention when they step out, are always pushing boundaries or just leaving us speechless with the looks they pull together.

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Rihanna is someone who didn't see pregnancy as a time to get comfy and instead showed women a completely different, and more daring side to pregnancy fashion.

Taylor Swift might have a more toned-down aesthetic off stage, but on her 'Eras Tour', she has surprised fans with looks that tie into the different Eras and songs and has looked incredible even when it's pouring rain.

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And finally, Beyoncé. Queen B had fans in awe when she first stepped on stage for her 'Renaissance World Tour'. Everyone was prepared to watch a show-stopping performance of her musical catalogue but very few were ready for the glamourous, extra, and over-the-top looks she would perform in.

But there can only be one to rule them all even though this year, these women have been putting their best-dressed foot forward.

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According to Pour Moi, there was one name there was one who had the most Google fashion/style-related searches connected to it.

By looking at studies and global Google searches, they were able to track down the most searched woman, with a massive one-million searches for her outfits and fashion style, Taylor Swift.

The second on the list is Kendall Jenner, who is most often searched for because of her off-duty model style.

As it turns out, Beyoncé sits in eighth place and Rihanna is in 13th place, even though she has been reinventing maternity style!

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