"Children are not bad": A wonderful way to look at conscious parenting

"Children are not bad": A wonderful way to look at conscious parenting

This is truly an eye-opener for all parents...

Offended little girl sitting on bed with parent
Offended little girl sitting on bed with parent/Pexels

Being a child can be anything but easy and freeing. Constantly being labelled by society and adults with terms such as messy, naughty, bad, troublemaker, and more...

All these can have detrimental effects on your child. But the core question that clinical psychologist Dr Shefali Tsabary speaks about is parents learning how to become more conscious in their parenting. 

Which sounds easier than it actually is. 

With generations and generations of practice on how to parent handed down over the years, it is not easy to unlearn what you have believed to be the correct way of parenting for the longest time. 

Dr Shefali recently shared a video on her Instagram page talking about the labels we use on our kids. 

"Bad" being a common one. But in fact she professes that if we take a step back and look inwardly, we will notice that our children's behaviour is just a reflection of our own behaviour.

A pattern of behaviour that we have triggered in them, a pattern of unresolved emotions that we ourselves have not dealt with. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of Instagram

If anything, this is an eye opener for all kinds of relationships, not just that between parents and kids. 

And it can possibly be the change that you need in your parenting journey. 


"Every parent should hear this message. Instead of expecting our kids to be perfect, we need to understand their humanity and begin to connect to them for who they are and not for who we think they should be." (Instagram)

Perhaps if we all submitted ourselves to becoming more conscious in all aspects of life, we could somehow impact the world in a more positive and healing way?

A way that will be beneficial to all of us...

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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