Jac's Top 5: Five behaviours from toddlers explained

Jac's Top 5: Five behaviours from toddlers explained

A super helpful way of understanding your toddlers expressions...

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As first time parents there can be some behaviour patterns that don't make sense. 

There is parental instinct, of course, but sometimes our parent-dar can be wonky and not read the situation clearly. 

So we decided to share some valuable and informative insight into five behaviours from toddlers. 

1. Toddler tantrums

This means that your toddler is having trouble processing his/her big feelings.

2. Does your toddler hide when pooping in his/her diaper?

This is a toddler's way of asking for privacy. 

3. Avoiding eye contact

This means that they are embarrassed about something. 

And if you ask us, this usually happens when you are trying to talk to them after some big feelings when they act out. 

4. Hiding behind you when meeting new people

They may not be ready for this. 


5. If your toddler has said: "I hate you" (and we hope that this hasn't happened)

This usually means "I need you"...

Whatever the reason behind your toddler's behaviour, remember that they have big emotions and are still trying to figure them all out and express themselves in the process.

So be patient with them and with yourself... 

Credit to Pediatrician, Dr. Cathryn (a toddler specialist). 

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