Cooking with your dogs will always end badly

Cooking with your dogs will always end badly

Why? Because nine out of ten times it may end in them devouring the food...

A man icing a cake with his pet beagles
A man icing a cake with his pet beagles/TikTok Screenshot/@beagleskiko

Having pets has a host of benefits. Over and above all the obvious benefits, the fact that they are just a bright part of our lives reigns on top. 

A TikTok account was created to share the lives of two Beagles, Kiki and Koko. 

Their pet parents create some entertaining content, sharing what it's like cooking with them. Of course, we know that this might not be the case for all dogs, but we know that most of them will just take what they can without a moment's notice. 

This couple must be used to cleaning and they are willing to clean during each take. That says a lot. 

In this video, we see how things went south pretty quickly when they decided to bake a carrot cake in honour of their 400,000 followers. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@beagleskiko Replying to @Jennifer O'Neal ♬ LOONEY TUNES PART 2 - Cavendish

Watch what happened in the end, courtesy of TikTok

@beagleskiko Replying to @lilred1209 all that work and what did it get me? 🤣 the most accurate use of this sound tbh #dog #beagle #beaglesoftiktok #dogcontent #cookingwithbeagles #dogtok #funnydogs ♬ BAILEYS SOUND - Me!

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Image Courtesy of TikTok


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