Dad asks son if he washed his hands...

Dad asks son if he washed his hands...

How often do kids actually wash their hands before eating?

Children cleaning hands with water on faucet
Children cleaning hands with water on faucet/Pexels/@RDNE Stock project

After the stress and paranoia of the pandemic, it's no lie that we have been left with some scars. 

So, of course, as parents we want to teach our kids good hygiene habits. That's standard, but making sure they learn about cleanliness from a young age sets the tone for their future. 

And, ultimately, that sets the tone for the community we live in, because we do mirror each other, as much as it doesn't seem that way. 

A video that we came across on social media shows us the magnitude of teaching our kids about washing their hands. 

It may seem like a simple act, but it actually has a deeper meaning; considering our hands carry lots of germs. 

In the video, we see dad seated at the dining table eating, and then his son comes to eat. 

Dad asks him if he has washed his hands, to which he responds with a yes. And then the line of questioning leads to the revelation that he in fact did not wash his hands. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of Instagram.


We have to say that teaching our kids about hygiene is something we all play a part in. 

loubnaztree: "That’s the question that I ask 10 times daily at least; it usually ends with”let me smell them “"

hairbyhloni: "I thought I suffered this alone" 

fiona.gonsalvez: "It’s like me asking the kids if they showered…and when I end with today?????" 

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