A dose of cuteness: Boy tells mom why he loves her

A dose of cuteness: Boy tells mom why he loves her

The things our kids say just amaze us...

A young boy wearing a blue shirt chewing
A young boy wearing a blue shirt chewing/TikTok Screenshot/@wendy_minie

Parents can attest to being amused by their kids countless times during their tenure as mom or dad. 

There are far too many occasions to keep count of, but one thing is for certain, with the introduction of smartphones has come the ability to keep some sort of record. 

Keeping it on file to remind our kids of their amusing storytelling skills one day or just to reminisce over when they get older, surely is a great way for us to look back on their youth. 

A mother who does a good job of capturing these innocent and amusing moments is not a stranger to us. 

Mom, Wendy Minie on TikTok, always keeps us amused with her videos of her cute son. We last saw him when he told his mom that she was not allowed to go out without him. 

Now, we see him sharing the reasons why he loves his mom. Not only is it so cute and sincere, it is honest. We can always trust our kids to be honest. 

Watch what he tells her below on TikTok. When you hear it, it will all be worth it:

@wendy_minie Aaaaaw 🫶🏼🫶🏼🫶🏼 #fypシ #SAMA28 #tiktoksou #biralvideo #fypシ゚viral ♬ original sound - Wendy_minie


Many parents praised mom for teaching him how to pray and also shared their stories in the comments section:

  • "My son says he loves me cause I have more money than daddy" 
  • "This is so adorable. This video is giving me so much baby fever" 
  • "Awww bandla. Where can I order one?" 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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