Dubai has the world's most unique nursery school

Dubai has the world's most unique nursery school

According to this Dubai Influencer, this early childhood learning Centre is the most expensive in Dubai, UAE. 

A room inside the early childhood centre in Dubai
A room inside the early childhood centre in Dubai/Instagram Screenshot/

Finding a nursery school for your little one can be difficult. Finding a good fit can be strenuous, especially with all the new-age sources of education that help with early childhood learning.  

You have to think about the learning environment, the teachers, the learning aids, how safe it is, not to mention the cost. Some parents do not compromise on their child's education, and if you have the bucks, then we may have found the perfect fit for you and your child. They call themselves the world's most unique nursery, and it is situated in Dubai

Dubai influencer Julia seems to have crowned an early childhood learning centre in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, the most expensive nursery school. 

She said that the fees are AED 80,000 (R400,166). The nursery school or early childhood learning centre is called, Friendly, and looks like a classy joint. 

That's a lot of money to spend on a child's education at a young age, but, of course, any parent would only want the best for their kids. 

Take a look at the video that Julia shared on Instagram

The range of learning activities and tools available to help the kids develop cognitive and life skills is fantastic. 

According to Julia: "The creators of this nursery visited 200 kindergartens around the world and brought all the best to this place! Also, children in this kindergarten have neuro fitness classes, rock climbing, dancing, yoga and other activities. There is a mini zoo in the yard and many areas for games and learning." (Instagram)

It is what we would like to call a premium school. 

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