Eight-year-old Spider-Man fan lets spider bite him...

Eight-year-old Spider-Man fan lets spider bite him...

This is why it is so important to teach your kids the difference between fact and fiction. 

Person holding Spider-Man figurine
Person holding Spider-Man figurine/Instagram Screenshot/@spideybiz

Kids being fans of the acrobatic Spider-Man is nothing new. 

Being able to hang off the side of buildings whilst wearing cool superhero threads sounds super appealing when you're eight. 

Naturally, there comes a time when you expect your child to understand the fundamentals surrounding superheroes. 

But, sadly, not all parents know how to make sure their kids understand the difference between what is real and what is made up. 

"An 8-year-old Bolivian boy ended up in the hospital after allowing himself to be bitten by a dangerous black widow spider in order to become like his favorite superhero, Spider-Man." (Oddity Central)

The young boy was playing near a river and picked up a rock, which revealed a poisonous spider. Of course, he probably didn't know that. 

He innocently picked up the spider in his hand, with the hopes of it biting him so he would transform into Spider-Man. 

Clearly the age restriction on superhero entertainment is just a guideline and some intervention from parents is required, especially when we hear about cases such as these. 

He returned home and began experiencing "symptoms like body aches and intense muscle spasms". Eventually, he informed his mother, who took him to the doctor. He had to be rushed to the hospital. 

Doctors contacted the head of the "Zoonotic Diseases Program of the Departmental Health Service of Oruro, who helped establish what kind of spider had bitten the boy." (Oddity Central)

Luckily, after identifying the spider, the doctors were able to administer anti-venom to the boy, which worked within half an hour. 


The mom confirmed that her son was a Spider-Man fan but she never thought he would be capable of doing something so dangerous. 

It just goes to show that we never really know the extents anyone will go to achieve their fantasies. 

Our advice: It's best to distinguish between fiction and non-fiction with your kids. 

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