Elana: A woman invaded my child's privacy

Elana: A woman invaded my child's privacy

Child trafficking. Just writing these words makes me scared, angry, want to cry, pray, shout, and RUN!

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There has been a rise in child abductions in South Africa. A few schools have alerted parents through newsletters, moms are warning through WhatsApp groups, and then...  something shocking happens to my daughter and I. 

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Over the weekend, my husband and I took our children to the zoo. My little girl needed to use the bathroom and I took her there. 

While I was helping my little one in the last toilet cubicle in the bathroom, I opened the door of the cubicle in order to have more space to move around. My daughter then pointed out that a "stranger" was standing behind me watching us while we were finishing up.   

What happend next - shocked me:

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I feel like I did my best to make my child feel protected and safe. 

An important word for me as a mommy is SAFE. Let's respect our children's privacy and make them aware that they are not in the wrong.  

What would you have done? Comment below.

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