Elderly woman attracts attention from 50 Cent at his concert

Elderly woman attracts attention from 50 Cent at his concert

A 64-year-old 50 Cent fan has been hailed the coolest person at 50 Cent concert in Birmingham. 

Elderly woman dancing at 50 Cent concert
Elderly woman dancing at 50 Cent concert/TikTok Screenshot/@dailymail

Many fans go unnoticed at concerts because most of the time they blend in with the crowd. 

But one woman could not blend in even if she tried. Mary Jane Farquharson from Nuneaton, England has long been a fan of American rapper 50 Cent. 

Even though attending 50 Cent's concert was something she struck off her bucket list, it was the fact that she went viral at his concert that really blew her away. 

Many people posted videos on social media of her bumping to the music, some even saying that she was the best part of the concert. 

Check out the video on TikTok by Daily Mail:

@dailymail This grandma is living her best life at a 50 cent concert 🔥 #fyp #grandma #groovygranny #cool #vibing #50cent #concert ♬ original sound - Daily Mail

Mary Jane Farquharson, known to her son's friends as Momma Jane, is a 64-year-old woman who loves 50 Cent. She doesn't consider herself 'old' and is just enjoying the concert. 

But to her delight, it was through the art of social media that she was noticed by her icon who made a public declaration, calling her "the coolest person at the show". 

Check out a post that 50 Cent made on his TikTok account:


Now I’m sure she was the coolest person at the show! LONDON tonight🔥 www.gunitbrands.com

♬ original sound - 50 Cent


Momma Jane is a testament to what it means to stay true to your passion. We have to also commend her son for introducing her to 50 Cent's music and for accompanying her to his concert. 

Check out the interview she did with Sky News, courtesy of TikTok:

@skynews #MaryJaneFarquharson from #Nuneaton went viral after she was recorded dancing in a #50Cent concert in #Birmingham. The #hiphop #rapper ♬ original sound - Sky News

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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