Elderly woman teaches herself how to code, develops app

Elderly woman teaches herself how to code, develops app

Learning at any age is possible and this woman proved that...

An elderly woman sits at a table in front of the laptop
An elderly woman sits at a table in front of the laptop/Facebook/@billionairesdrive

Far too often people feel stifled by age. As soon as they reach a certain age, they feel like there's no room for learning and they prepare for their demise. 

Sounds morbid, but that stereotype is slowly changing thanks to people like Ms. Masako Wakamiya, who is inspiring everyone to always aim for more. 

At 87, she is still active and at 80, she created a smartphone app. She creates Excel art and she gives lectures around the world. She also caught the attention of the CEO of Apple Inc. and Taiwan's Minister of Digital Affairs. (Social Innovation)

She told Social Innovation during an interview:  "When I retired, I thought I would be able to enjoy a leisurely life, but those thoughts were erased when I had to start taking care of my mother. I was cooped up in the house all day, as I was unable to come and go freely; but it was a computer that gave me the encouragement that I needed. 

"In the mid-1990s, only enthusiasts and "nerds" bought computers, and unlike today, there were no basic introductory books or classes, so I had a hard time learning how to use a computer, but I slowly figured out how to use it by asking people who were well-versed in using computers." 

Her passion for learning, coupled with the help of some young developers, saw her create a gaming app for people her age. 

'Hinadan' was developed in 2016 where the user has to "correctly arrange the dolls on a hinadan, which is a multi-tiered doll stand". (Social Innovation)

The game was created to cater for elderly people who generally face challenges with using certain apps. 

Listen to her story below, courtesy of YouTube


Whatever you aspire to do, don't let the fear of failure stop you regardless of your age.

Let Wakamiya's story inspire you, because even at her age, she refuses to stop learning. 

Image Courtesy of Facebook

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