Example of why you shouldn't publicly propose

Example of why you shouldn't publicly propose

We're just confused as to why the ladies around her are forcing her to say yes...

A man proposes to a woman at a hair salon
A man proposes to a woman at a hair salon/TikTok Screensjhot/@slingticmedia

Asking someone to take that next step with you in a relationship is a big deal. 

Which is why we don't really understand why someone would want to make that public. 

But there are those who enjoy sharing their love in a public space and that is the risk that someone takes when they propose in public. 

There is a chance that the person you are proposing to may say no. 

And that is a reality that many people don't consider when taking on the mammoth act of proposing in public. 

That was sadly the case for this man who made the bold move to propose at his partner's workplace. 

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


Proposal went wrong, i repeat don’t do this in public rather at home privately when they reject you, you have no worries!

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The sad part of it all isn't that he was receiving what he surely didn't expect, but that her co-workers were pushing her to say yes. 

And that isn't how a proposal should ideally go. Being forced to say yes just because of the romantic gesture does not translate into a good start to a marriage. 

Lungelo 450: "im getting annoyed with those ladies trying to force that lady to accept this guy's proposal if sh doesn't want why forcing her." 

[email protected]: "guys she's not ready ..dont force her and don't blame her ...lots of things happens along the way in relationships.." 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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