Heartwarming reason a husband created a secret IG account

Heartwarming reason a husband created a secret IG account

A woman shared a video of how her husband created a secret Instagram account to share recipes that he was trying out to help his wife on her fertility journey.

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The stereotypical natural order of things is: first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a little baby in a little carriage. 

However, when things don't work out like this, many people tend to feel discouraged or defeated by life's plan. 

Finding out about health conditions that delay couples from becoming parents can be quite disheartening. 

But this is why we love what this husband did, because not only did he display the deep love he has for his wife, but he also gave others out there a sense of hope.

A woman named Rachel Sullivan shared a post about how her husband had a secret Instagram account. At first it does sound so dodgy, but in fact it was quite the opposite. 

Tom Sullivan, the husband, created an account called, @mealssheeats, and starting sharing innovative recipes of meals that he created for her. This was after they found out that she had a condition that could affect her fertility. 

He began creating recipes for meals that would help regulate her hormones. This was after they received a doctor's recommendation to go on birth control. 

Sullivan was determined and turned to various types of ingredients that were prepared in line with Rachel's menstrual cycle. 

PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome) affects many women and the reasons are endless. There isn't just one way of approaching it, but we believe that the food we eat has become a huge contributor to this. 

Tom not only created interesting recipes for Rachel using fresh pairings of ingredients, he also documented their unique journey on the page after Rachel found out about the account - and it is truly inspiring and a wonderful love story.

Check out the phases of the menstrual cycle and some of the cooking tips to follow, as posted on their Instagram account. 

The couple have since announced their success with the change in diet and have had a baby girl named Sutton Ryleigh Sullivan. 

But more than that, they have paid it forward with so much love with their sharing of food with others.

Tom started it off with his feeding of several college students. 

Then what started off small turned big as they started a GoFundMe page and also received generous contributions from community members, as well as farmers and larger food retailers. 

Tom and Rachel were able to help feed over 240 college students. What a fantastic achievement!

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