Parenting & Autism - How we can all embrace neurodiversity in our homes

Parenting & Autism - How we can all embrace neurodiversity in our homes

What do you really know about autism? And if diversity is so important, what about neurodiversity?

We chatted to Julie Hendricks of Faces of Felicity who, among so many other things, is a mom to an autistic son and an artist using her art to create awareness for neurodiversity.

Parenting & Autism

But Julie is a lot more than just an advocate for neurodiversity acceptance.

The driving force of Julie’s efforts is human potential development – and she is devoted to the realisation of this potential through the development and implementation of social, educational, economic, sports and cultural programmes. 

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Holding a Bachelor of Arts in Human Kinetics, Ergonomics and Psychology, a Diploma in Sports Management, and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education, Julie has vast experience in the most effective teaching and learning methodologies in difference educational contexts.

Not only has she held the position of Curriculum Leader at a school for children on the Autistic Spectrum, she was also the Director of Sports at an International School in London. 

Currently, however, Julie wears many hats – from being the founder and head designer of Faces of Felicity and Love in Black and White to being on the board of the Neurodiversity Foundation – and we’ve enlisted her expertise and help to learn more about autism, neurodiversity and acceptance. 

One of the questions we asked Julie was if we should be tell our child if he or she is autistic.

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“Before my son got his diagnosis, he was told that he was really naughty,” she said. “But once he had the understanding of what autism is and how his brain works differently, he saw that it’s not about being naughty or terrible or everyone hating you. It’s just that your brain works differently, you have trouble with XYZ, and this is how we can help you.”

 Watch our full interview below to find out more and to discover how you can make a difference!

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