Husband wants a divorce because his wife got pregnant with second baby

Husband wants a divorce because his wife got pregnant with second baby

The father shared his feelings on Reddit about resenting his wife for falling pregnant a second time.

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The man shared his feelings on Reddit explaining that he never wanted a second child, but did not receive much sympathy. 

As expected, users lambasted him for not taking responsibility for his part in conceiving the child. 

The man says that he feels that their lives have deteriorated since the baby was born and is considering a divorce. 

Although the post has since been deleted, it received a lot of comments. 

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The post was titled, “Am I the *sshole for wanting to divorce my wife for the birth of our second child”.

The mystery man then explained his situation: “After the birth of our first child I discovered that I don’t like being a father, I don’t feel that I am good at it.

“I told my wife I never wanted to have another kid. As our first got older I was looking forward to my wife and I being able to spend more time together without a kid around. I was also looking forward to being able to do more interesting things with our firstborn.

“My wife got pregnant and we discussed our options. We made an appointment to terminate the pregnancy, but the day before the appointment … she guilted me into cancelling,” he explained. “She was concerned about the physical and mental consequences. Now, 2 years on after the birth of our second I still resent my wife. I love our kids more than I love her.”

Reddit users expressed their opinions about the man's situation, stating that he should have had a vasectomy if he did not want more children. 

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