Improving your mental health with the 1-1-1 rule

Improving your mental health with the 1-1-1 rule

If you are not prioritising your mental health then you cannot expect anyone else to do it for you. 

A person writing on a notebook beside macbook
A person writing on a notebook beside macbook/Pexels/@Judit Peter

"I put myself at the top of my 'To-Do' list every day." 

That should be the mindset that you adopt in your life. If anything, people are searching for more ways to practice healthier mental health routines. 

It's not easy, but working on your mind is just as trying and challenging as working on your body. It takes time and effort, and, most importantly, it takes consistency. 

Sahil Bloom, an investor, entrepreneur, and creator, recently shared a practice that he commits to and helps with a healthy mental state of mind. 

He calls it the 1-1-1 method. 

"It is well understood that journaling is an extremely powerful tool for improving mental health. But if you’re anything like me, you’ve struggled to get started with a practice. The intimidation of the blank page holds you back. I developed a dead simple approach that works:

"Every single evening, at the end of your work day, open up your journal and write down three simple points:

• 1 win from the day
• 1 point of tension, anxiety, or stress
• 1 point of gratitude

"It takes about 5 minutes." (Instagram)

Take some time to think about that...

If you cannot take five minutes then you aren't invested in your mental health as much as you should be. 

Here's the video of Sahil Bloom explaining this method. Courtesy of Instagram

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