Joburg nightclub under fire for 'sexist' shoe dress code

Joburg nightclub under fire for 'sexist' shoe dress code

Should clubs be allowed to dictate to women what they should wear? 

Women clubing
Women at a club/Pexels/Matan Segev

Taboo Nightclub in Sandton tweeted its dress code for women - and South Africans are outraged. 

Many clubs have a dress code that excludes sneakers and pumps, sometimes ripped jeans and short sleeves, too. Taboo posted a tweet recently stating that women who wear certain shoes to their club will not be allowed in. The rules include no kitten heels, no pumps, no slides, and sneakers.

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Women on Twitter expressed their anger and demanded that a dress code be compiled for men to which the nightclub responded with a list for men. 

Have a look at the tweet below and let us know what you think. Are these rules sexist? 

According to this tweet, men can wear any shoe type as long as it’s not All Stars?

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