Kid confuses tripe for a hedgehog

Kid confuses tripe for a hedgehog

Trust kids to always speak the truth...

Hedgehog sniffing on brown soil
Hedgehog sniffing on brown soil/Pexels/@Pixabay

We are not surprised that on some level the next generation will lose their sense of tradition and their will and desire to eat traditional food. 

For one mother, it was both entertaining hear and see what her little boy had to say about his plate of tripe. 

The little boy called the tripe a hedgehog and went on to say that it was 'disgusting'. 

Now, we do not advocate for calling any sort of food disgusting, but he's a kid and is still learning how to use his filter. 

Watch his mannerisms in the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@_izibele Not him calling tripe a hedgehog 😂 #fyp #playtimewithizi #funtimeswithIzi ♬ original sound - _Izibele

Check out some of the comments: 

  • "Look we calling it “Hedgehog Mondays” I thank you"
  • "And it looks exactly like a hedgehog"
  • "Not a whole hedgehog on his plate"
  • "At his age I didn't even know what a hedgehog was"
  • "Not me googling “ Hedgehog “

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Image Courtesy of Pexels


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