VIDEO: Grilled ice is the latest TikTok 'food' that has people talking

VIDEO: Grilled ice is the latest TikTok 'food' that has people talking

This is not a joke; people are actually grilling ice...

Grilled ice latest TikTok ‘food’ that has people talking
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Food-Tok has become one of the most popular TikTok subgroups, and for good reason. 

Numerous content creators distribute videos daily of new recipes and new ways of making things, and, more often than not, share some bizarre foods they have discovered. 

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Although TikTok has desensitised us against bizarre food (or so we thought), nothing has come quite as close as grilled ice.

Yes, you read correctly. 

Sounds crazy, right? How do you grill ice? Well, trust TikTok to make it happen.

According to the video posted by @cathychen95, grilled ice is a street food trending in China.

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It is literally different shapes and sizes of ice that are grilled over charcoal and covered in different spices and sauces. 

"Since the dish is essentially just ice, it can come in different shapes such as cubes and cones," says the TikToker. 

Watch here:

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Image Credit: TikTok/ Screenshot


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