Amazon's 'Alexa' used to scare off wild monkeys

Amazon's 'Alexa' used to scare off wild monkeys

A young girl who was alone in the house with her baby niece used Alexa to scare off wild monkeys...

Grey speaker in close up shot with soundwave
Grey speaker in close up shot with soundwave/Pexels/@Jonathan Borba

Ask a South African about monkeys and you can be guaranteed to hear some stories. 

Most of the time it is something to be filed under 'part of life' when living in KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa.

If we have to talk about the monkeys in some other countries, though, they are a different breed altogether.

A young girl from India lived to tell the tale when a troop of wild monkeys entered her home in Uttar Pradesh's Basti, India. Her quick thinking is said to have saved herself and her 15-month-old niece. 

Nikita, a 13-year-old girl, was in her home with her niece and guests had left their gate open, which allowed the monkeys free entry into the house.

"Noting that her 15-month-old niece, who was also in the house with her at the time, "was scared," Nikita continued, "I saw Alexa and asked it to play the sound of a dog. Because of that barking sound, the monkeys were scared and ran away.” (People)

Nikita's brother-in-law said monkeys were common in their area and were typically quite naughty. It seems we have more in common than we realised. 

Nikita's brother-in-law also spoke about the benefits that Amazon's Alexa provides them with. 

"In a statement to PEOPLE, an Amazon Alexa spokesperson said, "The incident in Basti is a great example of how quick thinking paired with easy-to-use technology like Alexa can be of assistance around the house." (People)

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