Monkeys shock holiday makers as they munch on spicy Doritos

Monkeys shock holiday makers as they munch on spicy Doritos

KZN monkeys are just another breed altogether...

Monkeys sitting on a wall eating Doritos
Monkeys sitting on a wall eating Doritos/TikTok Screenshot/@felicityredlips

The dust has settled on the December holidays and it feels like a distant memory now. 

But we are still seeing remnants from some of the holidaymakers. One video that was posted in early January was a great reminder of the type of wildlife we have here in KZN. 

It was one thing to see how tourists interact with monkeys in Asia, but having one of our South African out-of-towners share her monkey experience with us was a pleasant surprise. 

In a video on TikTok, Felicity Khumalo shared how she visited KZN with her family over the holidays. 

And she was surprised to see the monkeys eating a packet of hot Doritos on the wall and not even flinching. 

The spicy Doritos can make even the most resilient heat lover sweat it out. So, to see these Vervet Monkeys munch on them effortlessly says a lot about their tummies.

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok


KZN! Whats going on here?

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We know that monkeys aren't afraid to enter your home (or holiday house) to get some grub. Plus, they are happy to take whatever they can find...

But for the holidaymakers, it's important to know that leaving doors and windows open is a low-key invite for these primates. Make sure not to willingly feed these guys because that's another invitation for them to come back. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok


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