Little boy has an argument with Google

Little boy has an argument with Google

When you ask Google to find your mom and Google struggles to find a person with that name...

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Artificial Intelligence has consumed our kids in a way that sometimes leaves us amused and in awe at the same time. 

The way this generation of kids interacts with technology is mind-blowing to say the least, but it is also indicative of the way they learn. 

Ironically, kids can be so tech-savvy and yet still so literal that they confuse AI. A good example of this was seen on the It's Gone Viral page on TikTok when a young boy asked Google a simple, yet complex question. 

The little boy asked Google Assistant, "Hey Google, where is my mom?"

The young boy was in the bathtub and wanted his mom, little did he know that his mother was outside the door recording his conversation with Google. 

Of course, AI doesn't recognise who 'mom' is and therefore asked the young boy to be more specific. The young boy was confused because he knows his mother as 'mom'...

Watch the video below, courtesy of TikTok

@itsgoneviral “Google her name is mom” 🤣 (@Rachel Riviello) #funnykids #google #momlife ♬ original sound - It's Gone Viral

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