Little boy wants to take baby goat home

Little boy wants to take baby goat home

The kid had no choice in this kid-nap...

A little boy carrying a baby goat
A little boy carrying a baby goat/TikTok Screenshot/@tiyani_afrika

As a kid, there's not much you know about boundaries. 

When you want something as a child, you usually don't see any obstacles. All you see is what you want and how to get it. 

A classically funny example of that was seen when dad, Tino Chinyani, shared a video of his toddler carrying a kid, aka a baby goat. 

In South Africa, it's not often that you see farm animals in the city. 

But for some, seeing kids and calves can truly be a dream come true. 

This is what happened to one child who decided that he wasn't just happy to watch and play with the kid, but he wanted to take the cutie pie home. Well, that's what it looked like anyway. 

Watch the cute video below, courtesy of TikTok

@tiyani_afrika Baby goat theft in progress. 😭🤣 #SAMA28 #fyp #family #love ♬ original sound - Tino Chinyani



People were happy to see the video, as it definitely was uplifting, but then again, so are most kid videos...

Check out some of the comments. 

  • "The way the baby goat just let it happen"
  • "Got the baby goat in a chokehold like ‘Shhhhh. I’ll save you’"
  • "The goat looks like it wants to be stolen"
  • "I love how animals know when they being handled by babies" 

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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