"Madison, you bought the refuse bags from Woolies!"

"Madison, you bought the refuse bags from Woolies!"

There's refuse bags and then there's Woolies refuse bags...

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There are parents who will entrust certain 'light-weight' responsibilities to their kids and those who micro-manage. 

Depending on which parent you are, it pays to both empower your kids and also to give them some form of responsibility so that they feel in control. 

But when you do pass the baton on, be very specific about what it is you want them to buy, because they can get it wrong without some guidance and you will have no one else to blame but yourself. 

A father who recently entrusted his daughter to buy refuse bags or garbage bags from the shop got a surprise when he realised where she bought them from. 

Of course, there are those neighbourhoods that are serviced by the municipality. They provide residents with a three-month supply of black refuse bags. 

But, realistically, the amount of waste from each household differs and therefore sometimes that supply is not nearly enough. 

Therefore, we can understand the need, but the problem was that dad entrusted his daughter to get the black refuse bags without advising her on where to get them from. 

And so, this happened. Watch below, courtesy of TikTok

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Madison, the daughter, was not going to let her father get away scot-free and asked him what she was supposed to do, as the R52.99 bags were the only ones there...

Woolworths are known for their great quality, but when it comes to refuse bags, we don't need private school ones; the regular kind will do. 

After harping on about it, Dad decided that they would be using each bag twice...

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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