Mom arrested for impersonating her teen daughter at school

Mom arrested for impersonating her teen daughter at school

Due to the many shootings that have taken place in the schooling system, this mother decided to show how easy it was to enter the school without getting flagged. 

A woman wearing yellow hoodie posing as teen at school
A woman wearing yellow hoodie posing as teen at school/YouTube Screenshot/@CaseyGarcia

Parents have been known to go to extremes when it comes to the well-being and safety of their kids. 

We can totally relate, but the extremes that some parents choose to take can have legal ramifications. That's what happened with one mother from Texas. 

Due to the mass shootings that were taking place at the time, mom, Casey Garcia, decided to take matters into her own hands. She decided to pose as her 13-year-old daughter in June 2021 and attend school on behalf of her. 

Garcia posted the video of her day in the life of her teen daughter at her school on social media and it went viral. 

She went about the day as if she were her daughter, Julie, and went unnoticed until the last class of her day. It was at this point that the teacher noticed something suspicious and discovered her social experiment. 

"The mother, who was 30 years old at the time, dyed her hair, put on skin tanner, and wore a hoodie and a face mask in order to pass for her 13-year-old daughter and gain access to the school." (Oddity Central)

Many people came for her on social media, questioning her intentions and how she could do something so reckless. 

She shared a video explaining her intentions and why she did what she did a day after the video went viral. She was consequently arrested by police who visited her at home. 

"On November 15 2023, a jury sentenced Casey Garcia to six months of probation and ordered her to pay a fine of $700 in connection to a 2021 incident where she attended classes at San Elizario Middle School disguised as her teenage daughter, in order to show how easy it was for an adult to enter the school." (Oddity Central)


Watch the news bulletin of her arrest and sentence below, courtesy of YouTube

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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