Mom questions letting son wear her wedding dress to school

Mom questions letting son wear her wedding dress to school

This is a constant battle for most parents, did we do the right thing?

Photo of a bridal gown on manikin
Photo of a bridal gown on manikin/Pexels

As a parent it can be tricky to parent your child without judgement from others. 

Not forgetting the constant questioning as to whether your decisions to support your child in a society that thrives on rules and regulations is warranted. 

In this case, a mother has shared that she is uncertain as to whether her decision to support her child was the right decision, considering he has been suspended for his actions. 

She shared that her son who often left the house wearing feminine outfits, asked her if he could wear her wedding dress to school as a form of protest. 

His female friend had been suspended over wearing a crop top to school and he wanted to proclaim the school's decision in suspending her. 

After a picture of her son wearing the wedding dress at school circulated on social media, her parents found out and let her know of their unhappiness around her parenting decision. 

She shared that she is now the talk of the town and feels uneasy about her decision based on her parents' reaction. 

Many people came to the comment section to share their opinions on the matter. 

They agreed that she was in fact not a bad mother, and commended her for being so supportive to her son. 

"It's your wedding dress, and I think it's great that your son is mature enough to protest things he thinks are unjust without breaking the rules or being obstructive or shouty." (News24)


We absolutely love this comment, which read: "Being a good parent is not about rejecting your child's choices but raising your child to be a responsible and productive member of society and supporting him or her." (News24)

As much as we do not encourage students to actively protest against their school system, we do believe that when something is important to you or your kids, you should speak up about it. 

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