Mom shares a positive parenting tip for crying toddlers

Mom shares a positive parenting tip for crying toddlers

Definitely some value in what is being said here...

A mother holding her arms out to embrace her daughter
A mother holding her arms out to embrace her daughter/TikTok Screenshot/,gi

Hearing your child cry can be anything but comforting, but most of the time it is inevitable. 

Kids cry, they are experiencing big feelings and sometimes the only way they can express themselves is by crying. 

A mother on TikTok, who practices and encourages positive and gentle parenting, shared some valuable tips on how to handle a crying toddler. 

Firstly, accepting that our toddlers are going to cry is important. What may be a small thing to us is a big deal for them. 

And crying is a way for them to express their big feelings. So, focusing on connecting with the child is a good first step. 

Get as low as you can to their level, so they can feel you're on the same level as them. 

Then try to talk them down, ask them how they are feeling and how you can help. 

And offer a hug, this is a great way to embrace a crying child. 

Then help them communicate their thoughts and allow them to be a part of the problem-solving. 

This will help them feel more in control. 


WATCH how mom Gigi does it in the video below. Courtesy of TikTok As parents, we do so much for our little ones but yet, they get upset or cry for the smallest and silliest things.  For Peace, these little things could be the paper she’s drawing on was folded or I gave her the blue color bib but she wanted the green one, or just like in this video, the binoculars are too heavy. 😳 From an adult perspective, it can make you feel underappreciated and frustrated.  One key observation that has helped me is that our little ones aren't adults, these little things to us might be really important to them so their reactions can be explained.  Having this perspective allows me to channel my energy toward empathy.  To handle these situations, here’s a 4 step approach that I’d like to share 🔅Understand it might be a “little thing” for you, but for them, it can be a big deal 🔅Get down to the child level (or as low as you can) 🔅Ask them how they feel and hug them if needed 🔅Help them communicate their thoughts and involve them in the problem-solving process I hope this little perspective will lead to less frustration for some of the amazing parents out there and allow all of us to express empathy toward our little ones in these situations.  💭⬇️Please comment below with your thoughts, any discussion is always welcome. 💫Follow for more positive discipline + gentle parenting tips. . . #montessori #montessoritoddler #montessorikids #affirmationoftheday #mindflparenting #parentingquotes #parentingtip #parenting101 #parentingskills #parentinggoals #respectfulparenting #childdevelopment #motherhoodquotes #lifewithlittles #asianmama #positiveparenting #positiveparentingsolutions #motherhoodunited #gentleparenting #consciousparenting #parentsupport #childhoodunplugged #teachermom #homeeducator #parenteducator #asianpareting #asiaparent ♬ What It's Like Loving You - Maddie & Tae

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