Mom teaches son that it is normal for females to have body hair

Mom teaches son that it is normal for females to have body hair

We love how mothers are being more expressive about teaching their sons what it means to be female in a world that can be so cruel to both men and women. 

A mother talking to her son in the bathroom
A mother talking to her son in the bathroom/TikTok Screenshot/@payalforstyle

Being a mother, in general, comes with a host of challenges, but somehow being a mother to a son comes with added pressure. 

Teaching our sons how to treat women is something that both mom and dad need to be involved in. 

But as a mother, it is important to make sure that your son knows what his words and his actions mean when directed to a female. 

One mom showed us the importance of teaching her son about female body hair. She was coming from a place of healing and experience. 

Because when she was a girl she was very self-conscious about her body hair and thought this was an important lesson to teach her son from a young age. 

It can be said that we are really hard on ourselves as parents. When our kids do something that is not quite acceptable in society, we blame ourselves, and if we don't, then other people blame us. 

And at the end of the day, it is our responsibility to impart some level of teaching to our kids, even though they are very much the teachers in many cases. 

Watch the short video of the mom showing her kid what it means to have facial hair, the kid looks confused, but you get the drift. 

Courtesy of TikTok

@payalforstyle Dusty thinks he can bully & laugh at girls for body hair? Never here. As a girl who has been self conscious of body hair since THIRD GRADE, this one was very important to make. #bodyhairshaming #dustyson #dustydaughter #trending #momsoftiktok #raisingboys #raisingsons #raisingboysright ♬ original sound - Bryan


It seems her post was necessary, as it allowed women to see that there are moms out there trying to raise good, considerate young men. 

Yadi: "You just reminded me of the time a boy made fun of my hairy arms as a little girl 😂 thank you for your service!" 

To which Payal replied: "This is literally inspired by a boy in my 3rd grade class making fun of my hairy legs. Never wore shorts to school againnnnn" 

rachelbelcher: "In 6th grade this guy told me I have a mustache and I still think about it daily" 

Her video resonated with many and is a firm reminder that we too can make a difference as parents. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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