Mom's response to why her two-year-old doesn't get ill

Mom's response to why her two-year-old doesn't get ill

Do you believe in letting kids learn by getting dirty or are you a clean freak with them?

A little boy eating chicken feed off the ground
A little boy eating chicken feed off the ground/TikTok Screenshot/@stephanieallenstarnes

With the change of weather and rise in viral infections, we can firmly say that sometimes we wish our kids lived in a bubble that protected them from the harsh reality of getting ill. 

But the truth of the matter is that no one can live life in a bubble and the more you want to put a bubble around your kid, the more susceptible they are to infections. 

A mother who does not believe in keeping her kid in a bubble answered a pressing question that she gets all the time. 

In a video, she addressed a question she gets often: "How is he almost 2 and never been sick?!" 

Not only does this mother have a healthy kid with strong immunity, but she also has a good sense of humour. 

Watch the video below where she answers the question aptly. Courtesy of TikTok

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Check out some of the comments below:

  • "I firmly believe that as a society we keep our kids too clean. They are not immune to anything that comes along!"
  • "Farm kids are just built different"
  • "Yes we walked around barefoot, ate dirt, drank hose water, ate the dogs food, didn’t use sunscreen etc"
  • "What’s wild is this is exactly why kids have strong immune systems lol. I love this! Wish all kids grew up this way!"
  • "My farm boy hasn’t been sick much, but he has had worms"

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