Mum shares the main reason to have a child

Mum shares the main reason to have a child

She was just joking, but it certainly does make for an easier life when your kid is a team player.

A young girl helps her mother with a towel
A young girl helps her mother with a towel/TikTok Screenshot/@brittykitty

Parents often joke around when it comes to the reason why they have kids. Of course, not all parents plan on becoming parents. 

But for the most part, it is the most endearing and fulfilling experience you will ever have. 

This mother, who often posts fun content about her young daughter, shared a funny reason as to why you should have kids. 

In the video, mum is seen recording her daughter coming into the bathroom. 

Mum tells her that she doesn't have a towel and immediately her daughter is happy to help her out. 

Of course, this is definitely a great reason to have a kid, but it was a joke. The young girl, like many kids, is happy to help. 

Parents of teenagers may say give her a few years. 

WATCH the video from TikTok below. 


She just LOVES helping us in any way she can 😂💜

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Mum, Brittany shared in the comments section that Lily brings her a towel almost every day, and gets upset if mum takes it herself. 

Check out some of the comments from TikTok

It was clear that not all four-year-olds are the same, as one mom commented: "My 4yr old says oh sure then never comes back." 

Another mother said: "Okay, but how did you raise such a sweet human?! Mine came extra spicy lol." 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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