Nursery Rhyme Week: Why your children need them

Nursery Rhyme Week: Why your children need them

What is the real power of story and song when it comes to our children?


Writer, actor, voice artist, director and author Bianca Flanders is here to answer all our questions!

Bianca is the author of the bestselling children’s book ‘Pumpkin Finds Her Queen’ and 'Pumpkin Finds Her Kindness’.

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She has also performed in plays such as 'Krotoa', 'Happy New Year', and 'District 6, The Musical', as well as series 'The Riviera', 'Our Girl' and 'Nerens Noordkaap' and films 'Swirl' and 'A Christmas Chorus'.

It makes complete sense then, that we asked her to talk (and sing) us through why nursery rhymes and stories are still important in our children’s early development and upbringing.

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Watch our video below to learn more about nursery rhymes and join our singalong, too!

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