The Whole Mama show’s Aisha meets Baby Brunch’s Elana

The Whole Mama show’s Aisha meets Baby Brunch’s Elana

Every mother is unique in her talents. We chat to multiple award-winning content creator, host of the Whole Mama Show podcast, entrepreneur and mother of two Aisha O'Reilly to find out how honestly sharing her journey creates a safe space for other mothers to do so, too.


The Whole Mama Show’s Aisha O’Reilly Meets Parent + Baby Brunch

We did a podcast crossover!

Meet Aisha O’Reilly from the Whole Mama Show – multiple award-winning content creator, podcast host, event speaker, entrepreneur, wife and mother of two. 

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Aisha's mission is to create safe spaces for mothers to share their truths, by sharing her honest and raw journey in motherhood. Naturally, we had to speak with her!

We chatted with Aisha with the hopes of inspiring every parent and parent-to-be to make the most of their own talents, but what we got over and above this was inspiration, empathy, understanding, and some wonderful tips that can only come from experience.

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We asked a lot of questions (and even did a quick-fire round) – the answers may surprise you. Watch our video below to catch up on what went down when the Whole Mama Show’s Aisha met Parent + Baby Brunch’s Elana!

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