School holidays equal no adult TV time and constant airtime for 'Cocomelon'

School holidays equal no adult TV time and constant airtime for 'Cocomelon'

"Finally", is what many parents will say when kids return to school.

Father shares his frustration on Twitter about watching Cocomelon 24/7
Cocomelon children series/YouTube/@Cocomelon-Nursery Rhymes

If you don’t know who JJ, TomTom, and YoYo are, then you aren’t a parent…

The well known kids series 'Cocomelon' pretty much rules most family households...

However, there’s only so much a parent can take when it comes to kids hogging the TV. And with the recent school break, it must of been challenging. It certainly was for this father who took to Twitter to share his frustration...

Considering the time it takes to plan out activities for them, prepare meals and snacks (who can forget snack time), it is pretty much a full-time job staying at home with the kids.

So we can firmly say we get it, being a parent makes you somewhat superhuman. 

Check out what he posted to Twitter below:

The post attracted commentary from fellow parents who could relate...

Some even came through with quoting the words to some of the popular songs on 'Cocomelon'. 

Perhaps this is what you would call a modern day therapy session...

Either way, we love that it turned out to be a light-hearted interaction that allowed parents a little vent sesh. Plus, we have to admit that the series does have some good content for kids.

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Check out a video from the series below, courtesy of YouTube:

Image Courtesy of YouTube

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