WATCH: Passengers sing ‘Baby Shark’ to calm crying baby

WATCH: Passengers sing ‘Baby Shark’ to calm crying baby

What an incredible team effort!


A video of passengers on a plane singing ‘Baby Shark’ to calm down a crying toddler has been going viral.

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In the short video, you see a dad holding his distraught son, and the passengers were clapping and singing the song to him.

The child looks around a little confused, but the efforts worked as the worst of the crying seems to have stopped.

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People were touched by the humanity showed in the video and commented: “See what can happen when we all work together instead of against each other?”

Watch the video below:

@parikshitbalochi baby Shark! #fyp #flydubai #foryoupage #babyshark #dubai ♬ One Night in Dubai - Arash

Image: parikshitbalochi/TikTok

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