She found love at 80 and is ready for marriage

She found love at 80 and is ready for marriage

After losing her husband to suicide, defeating cancer, a blood clot in her lung and loneliness, she found happiness...

An elderly woman wearing a wedding dress
An elderly woman wearing a wedding dress/TikTok Screenshot/@theonlydanij

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An inspiring story about love finds its way into people's hearts via a TikTok video. It shows an 80-year-old grandmother trying on wedding dresses. 

The video was taken by her granddaughter, who used to live with her. You see this story is not your average old lady marrying a young man kind of love story. 

It is more. Grandma, Janet Merryman, shared how her late husband took his life 16 years ago. She then got diagnosed with colon cancer, which she battled with, and then she got a blood clot in her lung. 

After all of that, she battled some loneliness. Then, after seven years of knowing her neighbour, he got divorced and they grew closer. 

He is twenty years her junior, but they fell for each other. She admits she never thought she would be getting married again, especially at 80. 

Her granddaughter, Danielle Jefferson, says she is so happy for her grandmother and feels like her grandmother is a motivation to other women out there who have lost hope when it comes to love. 


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