Son asks mom to think about what she's wearing

Son asks mom to think about what she's wearing

Others commented saying maybe he was a dad in a past life...

Mom feeding her baby a bottle of milk
Mom feeding her baby a bottle of milk/TikTok Screenshot/@juliewise4

A young mother shared a video of herself making a TikTok video when her son came through and interrupted. 

We were not sure what to expect, because knowing children there is always something funny that we can preempt might happen. 

But we sure did not expect this to happen...

He starts by asking his mother to think about it. "Just think about it mommy!"

Mom looks confused at first and so asks him what he is talking about. 

So, he responds by saying that she should think about the way her zipper sweater is hanging off her shoulder, showing off her arm, and her zipper is too low. 

The way he zips it up can only be compared to a protective dad or husband who disapproves of the way you're dressed. 

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok


Hes VERY conservative😅

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We also noticed that this child is wise beyond his years. Besides being conservative with his mom's dressing, he is also a great driver. 

Check out a video she posted of him driving his mini car in their yard. The skill is mindblowing...

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