Stranger saves mom and daughter stuck on N1

Stranger saves mom and daughter stuck on N1

A random stranger saved a mom and daughter who were stuck on the N1 highway.

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Godfrey saves stranger on the N1/Facebook/Kat Stott

Can you imagine being stranded on the highway, especially with a child? Kat Stott’s car let her down in the middle of the highway and while she was waiting for her insurance company to arrive, a good Samaritan named Godfrey saved the day. 

Stott shared that she was on her way to a wedding when her car broke down on Saturday, her car simply stopped working while in the middle lane. The only thing this poor woman could do was put her hazards on and call for help. Cars simply drove past her with angry drivers swerving to avoid hitting her at 120 kilometres per hour. We can't even imagine what she must have been going through.

Have a look at her story below. 

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This is why we love South Africa, ubuntu lives within us!

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