Ten year old goes to police because mom nags him to study

Ten year old goes to police because mom nags him to study

What's even more shocking is that he said he would rather live in an orphanage...

Boy studying and reading a book
Boy studying and reading a book/Pexels/@RDNE Stock project

We know that studying at school the entire day and then coming home to have to complete homework can be tough. 

But we also know that it teaches you something, if not actual book knowledge, then a life lesson. One that speaks to the fact that in life you have to attend to your responsibilities. 

One mom who kept reminding her son to do his homework found out that perhaps this was not the way to get him to focus on his studies. 

She was rudely awakened to the fact that he had run away due to her 'nagging' and sought refuge at a police station. 

“My mom scolded me every day for not doing my homework and left the house,” the 10-year-old complained. “She just nags me to study every day. I’d rather go to an orphanage.” (Oddity Central)

After arriving at the police station, he complained that his mother kept asking him to complete his homework, and when it all became too much, he admitted that he didn't want to return home. 

"After calming the boy down, the police called his father to pick him up, and even though he was reluctant to return home, they managed to persuade him that it was the right choice, much better than going to an orphanage, that’s for sure." (Oddity Central)

It can be overwhelming for both parents and kids when it comes to ticking all the boxes of life.

Which is why it is important to set some time aside to connect. You never truly understand the impact of what stress can do until it's too late. 


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