These kids gatecrashed a birthday party in JHB park

These kids gatecrashed a birthday party in JHB park

Kids really are great teachers of unity, they can make themselves at home almost anywhere...

Kids birthday party

It's nothing new when your kids are able to just insert themselves into scenarios. In fact, for the most part, encouraging them to be social flowers (in certain safe settings) is something we want for them. 

This is so they grow up with confidence.

However, it can be super funny, even awkward, when they naturally fit in with strangers. 

As we know, kids don't always do what is expected of them, they are free spirits and acting accordingly is not something high on their list of priorities.

A mom that recently left us all with a giggle shares how while out in the park with her kids, something funny and awkward happened. 

She turned for two seconds and when she looked back, she discovered that her kids had disappeared. 

And, of course, that would stress any parent out, but in this case, it wasn't a matter that caused her any stress regarding their safety. 

Watch what happened below, courtesy of TikTok:

@tanja848 I'm frantically looking for my kid in the park, only to find him seated by the table as if he got an invite 😩#boys#tiktoksa ♬ original sound - Tanja


Their behaviour was received so well by other TikTokers who noted that you don't need an invitation in our country.

And, we have to say, it was really polite of the people whose party it was for not chasing them off. 

SIYA: "invitation in SA?? never, all you have to do is go over & greet. boom VIP" 

Uncle Waffles: "In South Africa, you don’t need an invite. Just rock up 😂😂😂kids are so innocent." 

Charmada Makuya: "these are true South Africans, they know that no such thing as a invite exists. he saw cake and understood the mission 🤣🤣🤣🤣" 

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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