My 2-year-old ran away to McDonalds while I was asleep

My 2-year-old ran away to McDonalds while I was asleep

This was a good ending kind of story after a child goes missing on his account. 

A mother looks shocked whilst sitting in the car
A mother looks shocked whilst sitting in the car/TikTok Screenshot/@mamarissax2

This mom's story was a clear example of how scary being a parent can be. 

And this is without the added stress that comes with protecting them from elements around us or strangers. 

Because sometimes they are a danger to themselves, without even knowing it. 

Mom Marissa shared to TikTok last week that she woke up from a nap that she was having with her two kids to find one of her two kids was missing.

It seems her son managed to wake up from his nap without disturbing them, put his shoes on, opened the door, and walked over to their local McDonald's. 

Obviously, he was the only one who was 'happy' about his meal, because mum was busy stressing her life away. 

And, of course, as a parent, your mind always goes to the worst.

"Marissa’s son slipped out, crossed a busy road to get the holy grail of French fries and nuggets. Amidst the chaotic backdrop of today’s world, where every parent’s worst fears loom large, he managed to dodge the potential mishaps." (MSN)

Take a look at what she had to say about her experience, courtesy of TikTok

Please note that this video contains profane language and is not advisable for sensitive viewers. 

@mamarissax2 YALL I GENUINELY HAVE NEVER FELT SO SICK & SCARED! we already had the basement door switched out so we can lock it at night but NOW i need something for the front door! You never think it can happen to you, till it does!! Yall know i got this house babyproofed as much as possible but OMGG#greenscreenvideo#autismawareness#fyp#aidenandaleiya#twins#escapeartist#scared#twinsoftiktok#omg#runaway ♬ original sound - Marissa Jalea


Many people including us were shocked and horrified as parents, but also quite impressed by his ability to reach his destination safely, as well as make an order. 

One person shared their sympathy with her, saying that luckily he is safe and hopefully Marissa doesn't get into any trouble with the law. And Marissa explained that the police just made out a report. 

Another mother shared how something similar happened to her family. 

"My son did this 🤣🤣🤣he didn’t walk to Mac Donald’s but went across the street, me and my husband was sleeping the cop walked in our house."

What left us shocked was the fact that this toddler was able to unlock the door and make it out of the house so easily. These kids will be the reason for our grey hairs...

Image Courtesy of TikTok

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