WATCH: Dad gets a surprise and a half on his birthday!

WATCH: Dad gets a surprise and a half on his birthday!

We want a surprise like this!

Daughter helps father cut birthday cake
Daughter helps father cut birthday cake/TikTok Screenshot/@munyainduvho139

Birthdays are always special and something to look forward to.

Even if it's just about everyone you love standing around you at the dinner table singing over some birthday cake.

It symbolises celebration over the day you were born and their immense happiness to have you in their lives. 

This video is what we call a real celebration and one that we definitely approve of. 

So family and friends, if you are watching, this is what we would love to receive come next year...

This family is celebrating their father's birthday and as they instruct him to remove the 'Happy Birthday' topper on the cake, they cannot contain their excitement. 

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So his daughter helps him to pull the topper which will reveal his surprise.

The surprise is hidden inside the cake, and once he sees a snippet of it, his face just lights up. 

Our faces also lit up for him...

What a lovely surprise. Goes to show that no matter what age you are celebrating, receiving a surprise is always exciting...

WATCH the video below, courtesy of TikTok

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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