WATCH: Dad gives some valuable tips on what to do when your child hits

WATCH: Dad gives some valuable tips on what to do when your child hits

Makes sense that they would want to test your limits, but it pays not to react in the way you think you should - and do this instead...

A father plays with his son in a crib
A father plays with his son in a crib/Pexels

We live in an era where dads are just as learned parent advisors as mums. 

And we kind of love that for them. It not only shows a different and evolved style of parenting, but how fathers are stepping up more to their roles and owning them with confidence. 

No longer are moms only expected to be the caregivers, dads are all about conscious and gentle parenting - and they are speaking up about it. 

In a video posted by a dad who shares his parenting tips, he tackles one of his most asked about question, "How do we stop kids from hitting?"

The parent educator dad shares three reasons why your kids could be hitting, which we found super helpful. 

In short, these are possible reasons why they hit: 

- This is how they are trying to communicate with us

- It is an effective way of getting our attention and a reaction

- Older kids hit because it has been modelled to them, if you hit your kid to prove a point then they will hit to prove a point

WATCH his video below, courtesy of TikTok

@wholeparent Probably my most requested video EVER. HOW DO WE STOP KIDS FROM HITTING. This is the most popular parenting question I get asked and the answer is, Surprise surprise, connect and redirect. I didn’t say this in the video but it goes without saying, if YOU, as their parent and chief model, continue hit them, they may not hit you anymore but they will internalize that hitting “is sometimes appropriate” which is REALLY going to work against you in the long term. Ask me more parenting questions and I’ll keep making videos! #parentingadvice #hittingkidsisnotok #gentlehands #gentleparenting #effecitveparenting #howtoparentbetter #howtogentleparent ♬ Monsters, Inc - Gustav Lundgren & Unit


We love how easily he advises on handling hitting. If you've ever wondered, 'what am I going to do, am I a bad parent that my child is hitting', then stop and listen. 

If you want to be a better parent and understand where your child is coming from, then it's always best to listen to the experts. 

Plus follow your gut. If you feel bad after shouting or hitting then it's most likely making them feel bad too. 

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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